Paragliding in Utah

2020 has been an interesting one. Covid had hit full force in Salt Lake City, Utah which definitely effects how you play outside. Calen and I had been itching for an adventure so we made sure to plan one where we would still be quarantining. Best way to quarantine? Get hundreds of feet above everyone else with no one else but each other. So, we packed up our van (making sure to get groceries and gas at our local grocery store only to minimize contact with others) and headed out towards Randolph, Utah. Our destination? Crawford Mountain.

Once we got to our destination we started to hike (luckily not too long of a hike because you’re definitely top heavy with a paragliding pack) and made it to the top a little early. We scouted out our launch area and landing zone and waited for the wind to die down a little because it was on the strong side (Calen tried kiting and looked like he was trying to wrangle a bull for a little bit). Once the weather was good to go we launched and had one of those perfect nights flying that you dream about.

Below, Calen and I put together a little video from our trip to Crawford Mountain. Give it a watch to check out our flying and van adventures!


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