We are passionate about adventuring outside and sharing our adventures through video projects. Here’s a little about us:

Sammy Olsen

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi I’m Sammy! I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I moved up to Logan, Utah to study Business Management at Utah State University. When I’m not out exploring in the van with Calen, I am living in SLC.

You’ll most likely find me skiing deep pow, paragliding off mountains, or biking new trails!

Instagram: @sammy.k.o

Calen Albert

Salt Lake City, Utah

My name is Calen and I was raised on a small organic egg farm in Madison, Wisconsin. After studying Visual Communications at Madison College, I decided to make the move to Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m passionate about my work creating dynamic cinema for my company, snowboarding at Brighton Resort, paragliding at The Point, and van adventures with Sammy.

Website: calenalbert.com

Instagram: @calenalbert_dp